Profile Series : TJ


Tim is another ex-ultimate frisbee champ turned golf nut! Like Felix, Bas, Matt L and other legends of the GWT.

He is among other things: a raconteur; philosopher; wit; statistician; poser of humourous (though unsavory) conundrums; a polymath; tippler; ethicist; humanitarian; ecologist; a vegan; a quiz night whiz and a renowned scoundrel. Oh, and he is a damn fine golfer!

Since joining the GWT in 2018 Tim has dropped 18 shots off his handicap. He has also taken down Greatest of All Time Basil, at his first attempt at the most prestigious of our Majors – the Lost Bougle. Add to that a Rookie of the Year win, a narrow one shot loss in the 2019 King Island Wanderer and a stint at World Number One and you can see what an impact he’s made in such a short time.

Achievements so far:

Majors : One

  • Lost Bougle (18/19)

World Number One : 8 weeks

Rookie of the Year : 2018

Low Handicap : 20

Best Round : +18, Wynyard GC, 2019 Wanderer

Major Win/Loss Ratio : 25%

MM Win/Loss Ratio : 21%

Gents Cup Record (W/D/L) :  1 : 0 : 2

Major Graph (*not drawn yet)


His Game :

TJ’s game is built on draw drives, solid irons, good chipping, great bunker play and competent putting. He has no obvious weaknesses, other than a bit of variability (like most of us) and that can often be fixed with some mid round whiskey!

The other part of Tim’s game that is particularly strong is his high quality sledging and conversational tangents which have some of the weaker minded Gents forgetting their shot routines.

Ambitions :

TJ is on the way to B Grade and then he needs to reassess how low he can go. On Tour he wants to get more Majors than Basil, despite giving him an eight year headstart!



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