Profile series : Dr Gaz


One of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, Dr Gaz is a true Gentleperson, and an occasional Tour member (with a lifetime exemption).

Gaz is so nice that his wife has to force him to take time away from family to go and play golf. Now that they have three little ones there is not much chance we’ll see the good doctor on Tour any time soon. Unless we can get Grace to push him out the door!

He played Tour golf from 2015-18, with his best placing in a Major being 5th place. That’s a hefty paycheck right there. Gaz could’ve retired from General Practice for a bit and given the Gents World Tour a good shake, but perhaps the travel and the thought of being away from his young family was too much.


Majors played : 6

Top tens : 6

Best result : 5th, Longford B’n’D

Best round : 114 (+42), Longford B’n’D

Low handicap : 36

Gents Cup : 1 draw,  1 loss.

Gaz has had some great highlights in social play, including a chip-in and a lovely birdie.

There is a school of thought that says he’s currently honing his putting in his Doctor office, stroking practice putts along the carpet into a cup, and pretty soon he’s going to come out and obliterate us all. We sure hope so!



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