Profile Series : Matt L


Matt L was lucky to still be alive at this point of his MM match with Leroy, after Leroy’s golf assassin smashed a drive into Matt’s shoulder (narrowly missing his head). In the photo he’s just rinsed his ball in the dam to lose his MM match on the last hole and narrowly miss the final. But look at that big smile! What a legend.

A few Gents have retired from Majors due to illness or injury, but Matt L is the only one to have ever “retired drunk”! Felix was having a Bucks during that edition of the Bougle, so we understand.

Another couple of memorable moments where when Matt joined the Wanderer for one day to play his home course Woodrising. On the ninth tee he explained how embarrassing it would be to shank your tee shot hard right onto the practice green. And then, yep, that’s where he hit it. On another hole Matt was telling us where the fairway went and Leroy asked him how he knew that as he hadn’t hit a fairway all day. Matt put another drive in the rough but birdied the hole! Haha. Ah, the memories.

We’re hoping to see Matt back on Tour someday. Maybe when his kids are bigger. Cmaaaarn!

Records :

Majors played : 3

Top tens : 3

Best result : 3rd, 2013 Matchplay Masters

Best round : not known

Low handicap : 15

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