Lost Bougle X : Day Four


The Lost Bougle would be decided today. Ian (pictured) was part of the chasing pack. Cravo had a huge 19 shot lead on handicap and was beating Basil by one shot off the stick! It should just be a race for the minor placings really and Basil’s golf pride, but Cravo has choked up a huge Bougle lead before! Let’s see….

Lost Farm : Melaleuca Tees (2nd easiest)

The forecast deluge stayed away, and the winds were the lightest of the trip. Should make for a good scoring day off some pretty easy tees!

Match One : Felix, Leroy, TJ

The first group of the day included Leroy, Tim and Felix – with the overhanging threat of golf poison infliction ever looming, the lads trudged on.
Generally, the lads started with a mixed bag of good and dodgy shots with many bushes being rattled and also greens in reg for a few pars.
Tim played well with some pars early on ……but also had some wayward action on the 6th, where the snakes in the long grass had to duck for cover.
Felix started well, but form started to fall away through the first 9, but he did drive the green on the 9th (for the 3rd or 4th time getting on a par four with his drive this tourney!)
Leroy managed to stay on track for playing to handicap with some good scrambling after the dodgy shots.
In the second 9, golf poisoning set in well and truly, and much relief occurred at the site of the drinks cart coming down the 10th!


Tim went under the radar on 13. He duffed his tee shot along the ground and his second shot did not get higher than 2 feet off the ground and made the green in reg then a 2 putt par, wow. Literally under the radar…..sneaky indeed.
A highlight on the back nine was playing catcheroo on 13A, where Felix took the mark from Leroys tee shot.
Tim parred 16 and 17.
Leroy birdied 14 and parred 18 to finish the round to his handicap, yeah!!
After 4 rounds on the mighty courses, the club house was a welcome sight at the end 🙂

Match Two : Cravo, Ian, Bas

Cravo was dialled. He smashed driver on the par five first hole on the A line over the fairway bunkers and then rifled a six iron onto the green (ran off) to signal his intentions. Both he and Bas made birdie.

The best highlight of the day came early, with Ian, Bas and Cravo achieving team green under regulation, all driving it on the short par four 2nd hole. Just a whisker off team birdie, with Ian’s effort grazing the cup.

Ian put up a contender for shot of the tourney on the next hole, hitting a perfect 4 iron to 5m on the short par 4 third. Birdie number five for the group after three holes!

Bas made a ridiculous birdie at the next, holing a swinging downhill putt from 12m out of the thick rough! Six birds for the group. Cravo had a messy brain fade quad bogey, for a bit of a wobble.

The fifth hole was on the card as a par five (we usually play it as a par four) and Bas made his fourth birdie in five holes! Even more dialled in than Cravo, and showing everyone how to play golf. We should have seen it coming though, and in fact, Leroy did. He called it before the start of play. Bas is simply too good not to respond when the hard questions are asked.

Cravo saved par on the fifth after a lost ball drive (hit it thru the dogleg) and a duff 7 iron, by stiffing an 8 iron approach pin high to 4m on the correct tier of the green and making the putt.

More pars and bogeys followed for everyone to close out the nine. Bas went a couple shots under par off the stick, which was five under on handicap! Cravo five over par for the nine off the stick and one under on handicap. Ian around the mark too.

Bas stayed on the par train starting the back nine, then hit his 3 wood second shot further than his drive on the 12th to set up a short chip and another great birdie. Cravo had a nice birdie roll here from about 8m and tap in par to get himself back on track after a lost ball triple bogey the hole before.

Cravo hit a beautiful bunt driver on the jurassic park hole to stay short of the narrowest part of the fairway. He took PW (safely underclubbed) on his second, landing on the front of the green with the pin up the back near the thick marram grass. Bas got a nice kick back into play off the marram with his drive, then set up another good birdie look. Ian hit it thin but straight, then a bit dicey, followed by a nice chip to have a good look at par. Bas tap in par, Cravo binned another clutch par putt (5m) and Ian’s par try just slid by to deny us team par again!

After some golf cricket on 13a we still had a huge wait on the 14th tee. Bas hit his A line with a fade, just short of the green on this iconic par 4. Cravo set up aiming way left of the green to make sure he crossed fairway. He wanted a cut into the valley of sin, but instead hit a pull which sailed way into the marram grass. Another clutch putt kept it to bogey. Bas par, but chasing birdies.

Next hole Bas and Ian found the green and parred. This time it was Cravo’s turn to let the team down, taking bogey.

More waiting on 16th tee. Cravo wanted to enjoy the last three holes and soak up the culmination of a great personal campaign. He smashed a fade drive here to 30 short of the green. Bas matched that, but a draw on a better line. Bas with another good birdie look and Cravo with another clutch par putt!

Cravo stepped up and hit a great 8 iron to six feet on the par three 17th. Ian also hit a cracking shot in. Bas slightly fatted his and needed an up and down. Cravo hit a brain fade putt which went nowhere but tapped for par. Ian also parred. Bas didn’t see a tiny mound in front of the pin so his chip turned left at the hole unexpectedly and he couldn’t make his par save. Bas still two under par off the stick, even with the bogey.

On 18 Ian hit a pure 2 iron long and straight down the middle. Wow. Cravo gave his drive some heat, sailing it over the left sand dune and making the secret section of fairway behind. Bas lost ball at the base of that sand dune. Tidy play from Cravo for tap in bogey, Ian wasted his drive, and Bas frustratingly couldn’t manage bogey to stay under par for the day. Bas did match his best ever score though, with an even par round, for only the 2nd time in his life! It was also the fourth hottest round in GWT history! Cravo played to handicap and Ian went alright too.

Cravo claims his third Bougle from the last four years. Cheeky and selfish! Has promised to drink more piss and stay up late next time. May even play some board games and talk rubbish.

TJ forgot to bring the trophy, but you can’t tell at all in the picture. If you look closely however, you can tell its a waxworks model of Tim (not the real TJ)!


Felix won Best Shot after Leroy adjudged. Felix actually had a better shot than the one Leroy had chosen, so we had the first time a Best Shot winner has selected their actual Best Shot! He drove the par 4 fourth at Barny off the terracotta tees. Never been done before.

Ian had to hand over a couple of trophies – Best Shot to Felix and Player of the Year (2019) to Basil. Don’t worry, he can grab them all back next time!




Final standings : 

Cravo +12 (-3, +11, +4, even)

Bas +25 (+2, +18, +12, -7)

Leroy +32 (+3, +19, +10, even)

Ian +40 (+3, +20, +12, +5)

Felix +48 (+9, +7, +15, +17)

TJ did well to play it out to the end! +55 (+11, +20, +18, +6)



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