10 years : the Secretary’s Awards


We’ve been fortunate enough to spend lots of time together over the last decade playing golf and vying for Majors and other trophies. It’s been an awesome ride!

Over that time Ian, Felix, Bas and the two Leighs have formed the solid core of the Gentlepersons’ World Tour. TJ has joined recently as our sixth core member. What a bunch of legends. Love you all!

Our Ancillary members have also made the Tour great. Gents like Keithy, Mr Sexy, Gaz, Matt C & Matt L, Stu, Jig and others who are often too busy either chasing hotties, enduro running or buried under children.

Although Basil has dominated the Tour all of the core Gents have won Majors and had a stint at World Number One. Keithy’s nabbed a Major as well. How’s that for sharing and caring?

As we prepare to hit the GO button on our second decade, here’s a quick look back at some photos and also the Secretary’s Awards :

Ten Years : Secretary’s Awards

Greatest Golfer : Basil

Best evil giggles : Leroy

Weeks at Number One : Basil, 293

Thirstiest Gent : TJ

Player of the Year : Basil, 5 times

Most stylish hat : TJ

Most Majors : Basil/Cravo, 9

“The Beast” award for longest hitter : Felix, 300m+ drives

Career Slams : Basil 2, Cravo 1

Chip-in master : Leroy

Fair play and caring award : Stu Felix!

Tantrum award : Cravo Stu!

Sexiest golfer : Mr Sexy

Most Major Scoring Records : Ian, 2

Trash talk : TJ

Best on-course childcare provider: Basil

Most left-handed : Leroy/Mr Sexy

The “Go Low” Award for most hot rounds : Felix

Best Laugh : Ian

Character Award : TJ/Mr Sexy

Fitness award : Keithy

Best sunburn : Leroy

Lowest GA handicap : Basil, 5.1

Calculator for most shots on a hole : Mr Sexy, 29

MM Win/loss ratio : Felix

Tallest on Tour : Ian

Best Rookie : TJ

Biggest Choke Award : Cravo

Most clutch wins : Cravo

Best putter : Kim

Oldest winner : Cravo, 46

Youngest winner : Ian or Felix, 30

Lowest round (nett) : Felix, -10

Lowest round (gross) : Basil, even

Most asleep golfer : Leroy

Retired Drunk award : Matt L

Best shot : Leroy, hole out at Barny

Comedy fall award : Leroy, into a bunker

Worst shot : anyone other than Basil

So many great memories! Scroll back through the blog to check out the stories that have made the Gentlepersons World Tour the funnest and most challenging golf tour on the planet.

And bring on our second decade!

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