10 years : Cravo reflects


Best shot 2013 : back then I would’ve been happy with any old trophy, even a “shittest swing” or “biggest idiot” trophy!

The Gentlepersons’ World Tour has been a huge part of the last decade of my life. Its been super awesome to grow my golf game alongside the other legends of the Tour and share great adventures and tough golf battles together!

Yes we know it’s just a game. And we are just a small group of everyday hackers. But the GWT has a lot of meaning for us and world golf, simply because it does.

I’ve been inspired to be a better golfer and a better human by my GWT buddies. There’ve been hilarious fails and great triumphs along the way. And no one has been immune to having a shitty moment or an off day. But that just spices things up and keeps it real. We’re there for each other when golf hell descends and ready with the praise when glorious shots are played.

So rather than pick highlights or funny moments from our first ten years I’d like to nominate the journey we’re on together as my favourite thing. I love how the Tour and the Majors reinforce themselves and build layer upon layer – bringing us ever closer together as a group of friends and bringing personal challenges and enjoyment for each of us individually and collectively.


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