That’s a wrap! Best & Worst of the first 5 years* of the GWT


Two champions, Felix and Basil, sharing the joys of the GWT (and Felix’s bucks)

Which shot of the 28,513 shots hit in the first five years was the best? Which round of the 304 played was the best round? Which tantrum? Which Leroy giggle? Read on and vote for your favourite moments from the World’s Best Golf Tour.

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The Superstar of the first 5* years of GWT History


When you crunch the numbers its crystal clear that no one comes close to this man, BvR.

The first five years (plus a couple of pre-cursor events in 2010/11) of the Gentlemen’s World Tour produced some of the finest golfers in the history of the game. Names that will echo down the years – immortals such as Leroy, Felix, Ian, Cravo, Keithy, Matt L, Mr Sexy, Dr Gaz, Matt C, Stu, and Poolie. Of all of those Legends, Leroy stood tall, but one man stood higher than the tallest Barny bunker – Basil vR.

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The Aurora Curse

Betwixt 41 and 43 degrees latitude, Tasmania is far enough South to experience the Aurora Australis.

No one knows for sure why this beautiful heavenly phenomenon plays havoc with the golfing abilities of some members of the Gentlemen’s World Tour whenever they happen to make the Matchplay Masters Final – but it freakin’ does. Only Felix and Ian (who work for the Energy company, Aurora) are immune. And technically Basil as well, coz he’s so good, but the Curse lifts Ian and Felix’s powers so they are unbeatable.

Ian won the first 2 MM Titles, and Felix has won the next 3. No one else has ever won it. This is not luck. This is not coincidence. This is not random statistical chance. THIS. IS. THE. AURORA. CURSE.

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GWT Awards 2016


Leroy did it again at the Bougle and carried that form on to another Player of the Year Award. Too good!

GWT Player of the Year

Leroy picked up his 2nd Player of the Year Gong, with another cracker year. He started hot, winning the first two (Bougle and B’n’D). Both victories featured cheeky chip ins from miles away, as per usual. Congrats on another great year on Tour Mr Stevens!

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GWT Awards 2012-15

The Tasmanian Gentlemen’s World Golf Tour began in 2010, with the Wanderererer. The inaugural Lost Bougle was held in 2011. The 4 Majors as we know them now and the World Number One ranking were instituted in 2012. The Players Awards begin there ~



World Number One

Basil was the inaugural World Number One when rankings began in April 2012, and held it all year

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2016 Wandererererer – Launceston Weekendeerererer

The gong sounded for the 2016 Wanderererer when Lewah’s alarm rang at 4:45am on Saturday morning. He got halfway to town and then realised he had left the Trophy at home on his specially crafted glory shelf that holds Lewah’s many golfing awards (and some he’s minding for Basil). A quick U-Bolt home and the boys would have something to play for!
Lewah felt a bit weird, and was put on the Zep’s stalker list, having been there at 7pm the night before and there again at 6:57am the next day. Had to wait for them to open.

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