The first eight B’n’Ds


A one day Stableford event, the Bash’n’Dash, is the easiest format of our four Majors. Despite that, it is actually one of the hardest Majors to win, because it attracts the biggest fields. There have been some classic moments over the years.

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The first nine Lost Bougles!

lewah barny tee

The Bougle is the most prestigious Major on the GWT. And the most brutal – a multi-day Stroke event at two Worlds Top One Hundred listed golf courses.

Here’s a quick summary of the first nine editions:

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2019 B’n’D – NORFIK!

AAAA Norfik warm ups.jpg

Ian picking his magic tee (foreground) while three other favourites do interpretive dance. We love a bit of interpretive dance on the Gentlepersons’ World Tour!

As Defending Champ, Ian had the honour of choosing the course this year, and the timing. He duly sent us to New Norfik in late June. It would be cold. Who would bring the HOT GOLF to burn off the Derwent Valley winter chill? 

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2019 Wanderererer – King Island




King Island magic

The King Island trip had been on the agenda for years, but tight budgets and new babies brought a series of postponements. Finally, at the end of April 2019, we got there for a cracking Wandererererer! (the first Wanderer since December 2016).

We were all ready to be blown away – by the golf courses, the stellar play and possibly, the roaring 40’s.

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Major Winners – the Graph

10YearGraphat end 2018

Get out your magnifying glass and check out the winners of the 29 Majors so far!

There are empty spots for 2019’s four Majors, which will complete our first ten years as a Golf Tour. Who will claim those wins? Felix has the Wandererererer, so you just have to imagine the red box up there for him at the moment. Will update this graph when the year is done.