The MM Vault – Round Robins pre-2016


Here’s an incomplete record of Matchplay Masters Round Robin reports that I’ve dragged out of our Vault, housed deep within a mountain in the Swiss Alps. Unfortunately we lost a few reports that were stored up against our aged gruyere cheeses and are now green piles of mould. 

What remains is worth a read for the many thousands of GWT scholars out there, and for the players themselves to relive some of the old matches that have probably been forgotten.

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Felix declares the 2017 Matchplay Masters open!


Hello Esteemed Gents,

It has reached that time of year again  where we do battle for the Match Play Masters, this year presented by the Aurora Curse.

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The Aurora Curse

Betwixt 41 and 43 degrees latitude, Tasmania is far enough South to experience the Aurora Australis.

No one knows for sure why this beautiful heavenly phenomenon plays havoc with the golfing abilities of some members of the Gentlemen’s World Tour whenever they happen to make the Matchplay Masters Final – but it freakin’ does. Only Felix and Ian (who work for the Energy company, Aurora) are immune. And technically Basil as well, coz he’s so good, but the Curse lifts Ian and Felix’s powers so they are unbeatable.

Ian won the first 2 MM Titles, and Felix has won the next 3. No one else has ever won it. This is not luck. This is not coincidence. This is not random statistical chance. THIS. IS. THE. AURORA. CURSE.

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2015 Matchplay Masters – Felix and the Aurora Curse v Matt


Hi all, this is going to be short and sweet report, course correspondent Cravo took some snaps.

Matt declined a lift at 6:45 because he wanted to get there early, Gaz wondered why Matt wanted to borrow his tent, so we can surmise that Matt was on course from 4pm the day before 😉

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2013 Matchplay Masters Final – Ian v Leroy at Tasmania GC


The match play masters was played in fine weather with a gentle southerly breeze between Ian and Leroy with Bas and Leigh playing as spectators.

Both players had massive expectations coming into the match, but they were soon shattered when the nerves took a hold on the first tee with both Leroy and Ian shanking their drives into the scrub on the left!  The theme for the day was the player who spent the least time in the trees snatched the points!  Given this disturbing theme it’s no surprise to hear that match play finalists were outplayed by the spectators, but to put this into context the spectators didn’t have the added pressure of the southern match play masters and a potential move to world #1 ranking their shoulders 😉

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