That’s a wrap! Best & Worst of the first 10 years* of the GWT


Two champions, Felix and Basil, sharing the joys of the GWT (and Felix’s bucks)

Which shot of the 59,371 shots hit in the first ten years was the best? Which round of the 654 played was the best round? Which tantrum? Which Leroy giggle? Read on and vote for your favourite moments from the World’s Best Golf Tour.

*(Note that this blog will include Majors from 2019 and the 2019/20 Lost Bougle to round out the 10 years)

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The Rival World Tour



It has recently been drawn to the Committee’s attention that there is a rival World Golf Tour operating in parallel to our very own! I know this is shocking news, but rest assured that the Committee of the Southern Gentlemen’s Social Golfing Club of Sandfly, Kingston, Dodges Ferry, Brighton, et al is hard at work on the matter.

Verily, gaze thine eyes upon theire ridiculous hallmark! Where is the Top Hat, for starters.

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Lost Bougle 2012/13 – Bas first, daylight second


The 3rd Lost Bougle has been completed and what a Bougle it was, a great mix of a tough windy day (requested by Leigh C.) and some spectacular sunny, light wind days.

Day 1 at Barnie in gale force winds of 40-50 knots it was hold on to your hat and try and salvage a hard fought bogey and minimize the lost ball count.

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Wanderererer #1 – North West Tassie, 2010

Before the internet, before golf apps, before cars (well ok, not before cars) the Gentlemen’s World Tour was made up of an elite group of three wealthy pastoralists – Sir Basil of Sandfly, Sir Lewah of St Helens and Sir Cravo of Lauderdale.

In the wet winter of 2010 they deigned to meet in Miffton to battle one another on the sandy courses of that green corner of the State.

The Tourney format was Stroke, no throwaway rounds like we have today, and there was live handicapping adjustment during the Event!

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