2019 MM Round Robins


He’s already got three of the four Majors. Can Leroy make the final and grab his career slam here at the 2019 Matchplay Masters? He may need some of his patented chip-ins because the AURORA CURSE has intensified this year (TJ now channelling as well).

Let’s check out the round robins and see who makes it through!

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Profile Series : Matt L


Matt L was lucky to still be alive at this point of his MM match with Leroy, after Leroy’s golf assassin smashed a drive into Matt’s shoulder (narrowly missing his head). In the photo¬†he’s just rinsed his ball in the dam to lose his MM match on the last hole and narrowly miss the final. But look at that big smile! What a legend.

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The first seven Wanderers


The Wanderer started it all. Our first golf trip in 2010 set the template, or at least got us thinking about a Gents Tour and some Majors when Felix joined us a year later.

The first Wanderererer was played over 63 holes, stroke, with no throwaways. On handicap of course, as all GWT golf is. Subsequent versions count roughly the best half of your total rounds played.

Here’s where the Wanderer has taken us so far – geographically, mentally, emotionally and golferly.

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2019 Wanderererer – King Island




King Island magic

The King Island trip had been on the agenda for years, but tight budgets and new babies brought a series of postponements. Finally, at the end of April 2019, we got there for a cracking Wandererererer! (the first Wanderer since December 2016).

We were all ready to be blown away – by the golf courses, the stellar play and possibly, the roaring 40’s.

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