Lost Bougle X : Day Four


The Lost Bougle would be decided today. Ian (pictured) was part of the chasing pack. Cravo had a huge 19 shot lead on handicap and was beating Basil by one shot off the stick! It should just be a race for the minor placings really and Basil’s golf pride, but Cravo has choked up a huge Bougle lead before! Let’s see….

Lost Farm : Melaleuca Tees (2nd easiest)

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2018/19 Bougle – The Master and the Rookie


The Ninth Lost Bougle tournament was held in October 2018. This year the 54 holes were squeezed into just two days, requiring extra golf stamina from everyone.

A sizzling field of the World’s best golfers were focussed on knocking off the winner of the previous two Bougles, Cravo. Or maybe just focussed on hitting great golf shots? Or keeping it out of the grass. Or the bunkers. Any which way, with some testing NE winds and too much concentration needed both days it would sort the field out into “zen master” and “better luck next year”.

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2017/18 Lost Bougle – Dodging the Rain


The short par 3 4th hole at Lost Farm

The 8th Edition of the most prestigious Major on the Gentlepersons’ World Tour roster was held in early December 2017. This time it featured two Lost Farm rounds and one Barny. 

The challenge as always – beat the absolute best Bouglers (Leroy & Basil). Leroy wins every second Bougle on average, and Basil always finishes in first or second place. Would it be another Leroy or Basil win, or could someone else pinch it? Would Matt, Ian or Gaz nab their first Lost Bougle Title?

Three brutal days of strokeplay played in rain, showers and wind provided all the answers…..

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