B’n’D 2020 : Freycinet


This is how the course used to look before climate change. Note the area by the gum tree on the right. It would prove pivotal this day – and wasn’t as well grassed as in this pic.

Defending Champ Cravo had scheduled a trip to Freycinet – dependent on big rains bringing the course up to Gents Tour standard. The rains came but so did Coronavirus! The Gents, the crowds, the worldwide tv audience and the course would have to wait til mid June.

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10 years : Cravo reflects


Best shot 2013 : back then I would’ve been happy with any old trophy, even a “shittest swing” or “biggest idiot” trophy!

The Gentlepersons’ World Tour has been a huge part of the last decade of my life. Its been super awesome to grow my golf game alongside the other legends of the Tour and share great adventures and tough golf battles together!

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Lost Bougle X : Day Four


The Lost Bougle would be decided today. Ian (pictured) was part of the chasing pack. Cravo had a huge 19 shot lead on handicap and was beating Basil by one shot off the stick! It should just be a race for the minor placings really and Basil’s golf pride, but Cravo has choked up a huge Bougle lead before! Let’s see….

Lost Farm : Melaleuca Tees (2nd easiest)

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Lost Bougle X : Day Three


Day Three, moving day. Felix certainly got moving early – driving back up from Hobart in the morning to make his tee time!

Cravo (pictured) looking to extend his lead today by making lots of good swings. 

Conditions were same as the first couple days, with two to three club easterly winds. Should have the feels for that dialled in! And back to familiar tee boxes. C’mon boys!

Barnbougle : Boobyalla Tees (2nd hardest)

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Lost Bougle X : Day One


To mark the tenth edition of this prestigious Event, the Gentlepersons’ World Tour decided on a unique format – instead of playing off the terra cotta tees over three days as per tradition, we would play a different colour tee box each day for four days. Still Strokeplay of course.

Day One

Barnbougle : Marram Tees (easiest)

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