Great Bougle Moments – Leroy’s last 4 holes at Barny, 2014


This is the spot (next to the sprinkler head) where Leroy holed out for birdie, with a skinny 9 iron, to end possibly the best 4 holes to par ever played by a Gentleman of the Gentleman’s World Tour in a Major. And let’s face it, ever, by anyone, in the history of golfe.

Indulge me please, as I will include my own play in the story, coz I was totally owning it tee to green but still got smoked by Leroy….

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The Trophy Cabinet – Wanderererer


Just in case you’ve never seen it, this is the Glorious Purebreed Travelling Rooster Trophy that is the grand prize for winning a Wandererererer! You know you want it in your Pool Room 😉

The Secretary

Bash’n’Dash 2015 – Leroy and Keith take it to a play-off.


The Winner’s Report:

Gentleman of the Bash N Dash 2015

The cup & Dash (sic) is done and dusted for another year. What a day, spectacular Royal Longford turned it on for the visiting southern crew. One slightly wonders why the Masters (that other tournament) is played at Augusta (one for debate for those playing on that rebel tour).

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2015 Matchplay Masters – Felix and the Aurora Curse v Matt


Hi all, this is going to be short and sweet report, course correspondent Cravo took some snaps.

Matt declined a lift at 6:45 because he wanted to get there early, Gaz wondered why Matt wanted to borrow his tent, so we can surmise that Matt was on course from 4pm the day before 😉

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