2017/18 Lost Bougle – Dodging the Rain


The short par 3 4th hole at Lost Farm

The 8th Edition of the most prestigious Major on the Gentlepersons’ World Tour roster was held in early December 2017. This time it featured two Lost Farm rounds and one Barny. 

The challenge as always – beat the absolute best Bouglers (Leroy & Basil). Leroy wins every second Bougle on average, and Basil always finishes in first or second place. Would it be another Leroy or Basil win, or could someone else pinch it? Would Matt, Ian or Gaz nab their first Lost Bougle Title?

Three brutal days of strokeplay played in rain, showers and wind provided all the answers…..

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2012 Bash’n’Dash – Basil, the Barny Master




The Gentlemen: Handicaps: Felix (+20?), Leroy (+20?), Cravo (+18), Basil (+10)

The first ever Bash’n’Dash was played over 18 holes at Barnbougle in the Winter of 2012. The Committee initially considered 18 holes + a number of novelty holes (opposite handed, blindfolded, kick and a throw etc) but ruled that out as too whimsical.

Bridport turned it on with a cracker of a day, but who would bring the golf fireworks?

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The Superstar of the first 5* years of GWT History


When you crunch the numbers its crystal clear that no one comes close to this man, BvR.

The first five years (plus a couple of pre-cursor events in 2010/11) of the Gentlemen’s World Tour produced some of the finest golfers in the history of the game. Names that will echo down the years – immortals such as Leroy, Felix, Ian, Cravo, Keithy, Matt L, Mr Sexy, Dr Gaz, Matt C, Stu, and Poolie. Of all of those Legends, Leroy stood tall, but one man stood higher than him, and even the tallest Barny bunker – Basil BvR.

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GWT Awards 2012-15

The Tasmanian Gentlemen’s World Golf Tour began in 2010, with the Wanderererer. The inaugural Lost Bougle was held in 2011. The 4 Majors as we know them now and the World Number One ranking were instituted in 2012. The Players Awards begin there ~



World Number One

Basil was the inaugural World Number One when rankings began in April 2012, and held it all year

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GWT Championship Record



Year Event 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
2010 Wanderer (NW Tas) Cravo Leroy Bas
2011 Lost Bougle Leroy Bas Felix Cravo
2012 Lost Bougle Felix Bas Ian/Leroy none Cravo Alex
Bash’n’Dash (Barnbougle) Bas Cravo Felix/Leroy
Wanderer (Mornington, VIC) Bas Keith Leroy Jig
MM (Norfik) Ian Bas Felix Cravo Matt L Leroy/Alex
2013 Lost Bougle Bas Ian/Cravo none Felix Leroy Alex
Wanderer (Mornington, VIC) Bas Leroy Felix Cravo
Bash’n’Dash (Tasman) Cravo Bas Ian Leroy Felix Alex
MM (Tasmania) Ian Leroy Matt L Cravo Felix/Bas
2014 Lost Bougle Leroy Bas Cravo Felix Ian Matt L
Wanderer (Nth Tas) Leroy Felix Cravo Bas
Bash’n’Dash (Orford) Cravo Bas Felix Ian Keith/Poolie none Leroy Alex Phil
MM (Tasmania) Felix Bas Leroy Ian Cravo
2015 Lost Bougle Bas Felix Cravo Leroy Ian Gaz
Wanderer (Mornington, VIC) Bas Leroy Felix Jig
Bash’n’Dash (Longford) Keith Leroy Bas Ian Gaz Matt C Cravo Felix Alex
MM (Tasmania) Felix Matt C Leroy Ian Cravo Gaz
2016 Lost Bougle Leroy Bas Cravo Felix Matt C
Bash’n’Dash (Tarraleah) Leroy Stu Ian/Cravo none Felix
Wanderer (Launceston) Cravo Felix Leroy
MM (Royal Hobart) Felix Cravo Ian  Leroy/Stu
2017 Lost Bougle Cravo Bas Leroy Felix
Bash’n’Dash (Bothwell) Bas Leroy Cravo Felix Ian
MM (Royal Hobart) Bas Felix Cravo Ian Matt/Gaz none Leroy Stu
Lost Bougle  Cravo  Bas  Ian  Leroy Matt Gaz Felix
2018 Bash’n’Dash (Huonville)  Ian Leroy Bas Felix, Cravo, Darvy  none none Gaz
MM (Royal Hobart) Cravo Leroy Felix Ian Bas Tim J
Lost Bougle Tim J Basil Ian Leroy Cravo Felix
2019 Wanderererer (King Island) Felix TJ Basil Ian Leroy Cravo


Chucked in the Deep End – Matt Crawf and the Big Bunker on Barny’s 4th


Matt didn’t go in the monster bunker in his rookie year at Barny, so we threw a ball in there for him, to see how many swipes it would take him to get out. We all have a big fear of this monster bunker, ever since it cost Leroy an 11 in the inaugural Bougle.

How many shots, how much sand excavated, how many tears and F words and clubs thrown in exasperation before Matt emerged, nerves frazzled, eyes rolling, limbs shaking, from the great sandy horror? Um, …..well, there was none of that. Just one clean shot BAM straight out. Too easy for the 2015 Rookie of the Year!

Great Bougle Moments – Leroy’s last 4 holes at Barny, 2014


This is the spot (next to the sprinkler head) where Leroy holed out for birdie, with a skinny 9 iron, to end possibly the best 4 holes to par ever played by a Gentleman of the Gentleman’s World Tour in a Major. And let’s face it, ever, by anyone, in the history of golfe.

Indulge me please, as I will include my own play in the story, coz I was totally owning it tee to green but still got smoked by Leroy….

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